Control Print – Pensando o futuro da tinta no papel

Control Print – Considering the future of ink on paper é um projeto do Royal College of Art, universidade inglesa totalmenta dedicada a arte e ao design. O livro, totalmente gratuito e disponível em .pdf, trata de produção gráfica, valor estético e produtivo do livro impresso.

Um trecho da seção 4, chamada “In my hands, in my eyes – an emotional experience of an object”, de Sara Carneholm:

“When you read a book all your senses are recording (how the pages move, what the paper feels like, what it smells like etc), however reading is more than a purely haptic experience, you are involved in the making of the experience. Books use their physical form as well as content to convey meaning – the weight of a book can indicate importance or perceived value of the content within, for example think about the difference between reference books and paperbacks or your schoolbooks carefully inscribed with your name and form on the inside cover, each has it’s own character – they become artifacts, objects with cultural and personal significance.” (pag. 14)

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